Vintage Star Wars Figure Display Name Placards

A quick entry here. I was looking at scans of the original figure card backs yesterday, and thought “Hmmm, it’d be cool to have a little name placard for each figure to place in front of them in my display shelf”. So out of that idea, this was born:

I matched the coloring of each name placard to the original card back for that specific figure. I also matched the exact phrasing of each figure with a couple of exceptions. For example, the card back for C-3PO with Removeable Limbs simly said “See-Threepio (C-3PO)”. There was no designation between the removeable limbs version of 3PO and the original figure. So I made the name placard say “Removeable Limbs” to distinguish between the two versions of the figure.

If you’d like to use these, I’ve made the name placards for the original 79 figures plus Warok and Paploo (I’ll be doing the rest of the last 17 soon) available for download for free. Just print them on 4×6 photo paper (it takes 6 sheets) and cut them out.

Here is a download of all 6 sheets in a .zip file:


I’ve now completed name placards for the 15 figures released on the “Power of the Force” cards. This should complete the entire set:


Feel free to use them for personal use.


UPDATE 2-26-2020

It has come to my attention that some folks are having a difficult time getting these to print correctly.  I’ve created a new set of files that hopefully will print better.  Here is a link to the .zip file containing ALL of the name placards in .PDF format:

To print these, follow these instructions.

Download the .zip file and extract the contents.  You should have the following files:

  • Vintage Figure Name Placards sheet 1.pdf
  • Vintage Figure Name Placards sheet 2.pdf
  • Vintage Figure Name Placards sheet 3.pdf
  • Vintage Figure Name Placards sheet 4.pdf
  • Vintage Figure Name Placards sheet 5.pdf
  • Vintage Figure Name Placards sheet 6.pdf
  • Vintage Figure Name Placards -POTF.pdf

One at a time, open each file in Acrobat Reader (available for free from Adobe at )

Print the page at actual size (not fit) on 4×6 photo or index card paper.

If you’d rather print them on full-size (8.5″x11″) paper, here are the files:

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