Vintage Kenner Rebel Armored Snowspeed Restoration

The Snowspeeder was the one ship I always wanted and never had. It’s a cool toy:

Recently, I picked one up on ebay for $25.00. It’s 100% complete with the harpoon and rope, but it had seen better days. This, kids, is why the instructions always tell you to remove the batteries when not in use:

I started by taking the speeder apart. A good soak in some mild dish detergent removed the surface dirt and grime, but not the discoloring. After trying a few other things (hydrogen peroxide, toothpaste, and plastic polish) I decided that I had done all that I could. The battery acid had permanently discolored the plastic. I did, however, use a small wire brush in my dremel to clean the battery contacts. I was able to get them to look like-new again, and with a small drop of 3-in-1 oil, the motor works.

After re-assembling the speeder, I applied replacement decals (the originals were dry, crumbling, and just in overall bad condition). Using some more Novus plastic polish over most of the ship, I cleaned up a lot of the surface scratches.

Not my best restoration, but it came out pretty good considering the condition it was in.

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