In Loving Memory of Rex Shurtliff

Today we say goodbye to my amazing grandfather, Rex Shurtliff. He left us to be with his sweetheart on June 9, 2019. This is for him.

You gave me my first Hershey bar

You bought me my only baseball glove

You bought me a motorcycle helmet when I was 3 or 4 so I could ride with you to “chase the water”

You taught me how to pump gas

You taught me how to use an impact wrench and change a tire

You taught me to how to use a push broom properly

You taught me my first swear words

You taught me to like a song with a good beat that’s “a mover”

You taught me how to drive a “3 on the tree”

You taught me to look people in the eye, shake their hand, and greet them by name

You taught me that a joke doesn’t have to be dirty to be funny

You came to my baseball games, even though we never won a game

You came to my basketball game, even though I didn’t get to play

You held my hand when I was afraid of getting my hair cut

You showed us what honesty and integrity look like

You always told us you were proud of us

We love you

Call when you get home.

3 thoughts on “In Loving Memory of Rex Shurtliff”

  1. This is a beautiful tribute to your Grandpa. I know how much he meant to me and how deeply I feel his passing and I am very sorry for your loss. He looked out for my Mom after Dads passing, and always called to make sure she was okay.
    He loved you very much, and will always be a part of your life because he helped raise you up. He will live on in your life and in your every act of caring to your friends and family and kindness to others. He showed you how to be a good man, and you are. Love you, Roberta

    1. Thank you Roberta. He was amazing at making everyone feel loved and looking out for EVERYONE he knew. Even 20+ years after my parents divorced, Grandpa called me at least weekly to check up on how my dad was doing. Lotsa love, Doug

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