R2 Update: Electronics, Wheels, and a 3rd Foot

In the middle of this last week, I received the fuse box for the electronics board. This allows me to put each motor on a separate fuse. That way, if a motor shorts or overloads, it will blow the fuse and not destroy the expensive speed controllers. I got the fuse box mounted onto the electronics panel and wired it up.

I also did some final testing by connecting the small R2 to the electronics panel via a set of wires in an “umbilical cord” type fashion. It all worked great!

This weekend, I started construction on the third ankle/foot assembly for R2. The structural components actually went together pretty easily. I couldn’t find the correct sized caster at Home Depot, so I had to improvise for now. I’ll probably add the correct sized caster later, but this will get him rolling.

I bolted the outside legs on in the 3-leg mode, and had R2 in 3-leg mode for the first time!

I also received the wheels for the outside feet. These will eventually mount directly to the motor shafts, but I wanted to get them installed temporarily so that I could check clearances and angles on everything. After building up a quick 2nd set of mounts, I improvised a make-shift axle assembly and mounted them up.

Soon… very soon… he’ll be moving. The motors from Australia have reached the U.S. and are currently in Ohio, on the way to me!

For the first time, I can roll R2 around and not have to carry him! I rolled him outside for a few pics in the nice sunlight.

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