R2 Progress – Leg Struts

Not a ton of progress the last couple of days… really decided to take a day off of working on R2 after my adventures with the paint on the dome. I did decide to try to put together something that at least somewhat resembles the leg struts, since budget doesn’t really permit for resin cast right now. These will eventually be replaced with more accurate pieces, but these will work for now. I machined up the detail pieces out of PVC, and added them to some polycarbonate tubing I had left over from a previous project.

Here are the unpainted detail pieces on the tubing:

And here are the pieces painted an temporarily in place on the legs:

Last week I broke down and decided to buy a few resin detail pieces that I don’t really want to make. The coin slots and half-moons arrived today. A little clean up and they’ll be ready to go.

That’s about all tonight. In the next day or so, I’ll work on the outside panel for the feet, fill in the seams, and install the half-moons. Then the feet will be ready for paint.

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