Evanston, Wyoming Union Pacific Roundhouse

Back in August, we made the trip to Evanston, Wyoming to visit the Union Pacific Roundhouse.  The city of Evanston is in the process of restoring the roundhouse, machine shop, and some of the other facilities and is converting them to a convention/events center.  The work they’ve done is beautiful, and it will be exciting to see it finished.

The roundhouse was dedicated in 1871.  The Union Pacific Railroad abandoned the building and deeded it to the city in 1971. Yes, the railroad operated the roundhouse for 100 years! It truly is a historic location. They city has completed renovations on the machine shop, and about 30% of the Roundhouse. They’ve also completed restoration of the locomotive turntable, and for the train show they were actually giving rides on it.  That’s right, I actually got to ride on a roundhouse turntable! For more information on the roundhouse and the restoration efforts, visit the city of Evanston’s website at https://www.evanstonwy.org/374/Roundhouse

On a personal note, my great grandfather Alton Howell and my great-uncle Earl Howell were both locomotive engineers on the Union Pacific – and while I don’t know for sure what routes they worked, it was a very surreal experience to stand in the roundhouse and think “they may have been here”.

On this particular weekend, the Hostler’s Model Railroad Train Show was taking place IN THE ROUNDHOUSE.  I’ll have a follow-up video of the show itself soon.

Here’s some video of the Roundhouse facilities themselves.  Enjoy!

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