ERRHSI Model Railroad Update – May 3, 2018

This week, Vet and I worked primarily on finishing up the stock yard scene. The gravel lot looks pretty good now that the glue has dried, and Vet added a bit more vegetation to the area (you can see white glue that’s still drying in the pics). I added the HO Scale cattle truck, and put the livestock back in the stockyard.

The scene is finally coming together

Now it’s a stockyard!

Dave has been doing some more work on the turntable, and brought it in to show us and to test with a loco. He’s just about got it.

Coffee can NOT to scale…



Dave also did some more work on the turnouts at the south end of the yard, while Casey tested a new locomotive he brought.


Tim’s static grass that he applied last week looks great now that the glue has dried.

Static Grass






Tim continued by adding some static grass along the Snake River (which is now part of the Idaho Falls Greenbelt).

Combined with the work Casey did on the water a few months ago (before I joined the club) this scene is really starting to come together. Tim will put the trees back in place next week, and probably grass the other side of the river.

The Eagle Rock Railroad Historical Society, Inc meets every Thursday night at 7:30pm in the basement of the Idaho Falls Parks & Rec building. Come pay us a visit!


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