ERRHSI Model Railroad Update – May 10 &17, 2018

I got so excited about posting about operating on Bob Davis’ layout, that I forgot to post an update about the ERRHSI layout last week. So, I’ll try to remember what we did and cover both May 10 and May 17.

Vet has continued ballasting track in the Idaho Falls area. To get this right, it’s slow, tedious work to make sure there isn’t any ballast on the ties that could derail the trains.

Still ballasting…

I worked with Casey to clean some track and get a loco into a couple of areas of the layout that hadn’t seen any traffic in quite a while. I also continued with ground cover near the south end of the Idaho Falls yard.


Tim’s glue had dried on the static grass he added to the east side of the Snake River (where part of the Idaho Falls Greenbelt exists today). I’m REALLY impressed with how it looks!

Tim has also started working on scenery in the Dillon, MT area of the layout. He’s added a scratch-built cabin and outhouse, static grass, a small dirt road/driveway, and is working on a hill to provide a bit of separation between areas.  It’s looking great, Tim!



While I was at it, I took a few wider photos to give a better idea of the size of the layout.

The Eagle Rock Railroad Historical Society, Inc meets every Thursday night at 7:30pm in the basement of the Idaho Falls Parks & Rec building. Come pay us a visit!


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