ERRHSI Layout Update – April 5 2018 progress

This week, we worked on finishing up the scenery at the Idaho Falls stock yard.

I applied a light dusting of Woodland Scenics blended earth ground cover, then a really light dusting of Woodland Scenics grass in places. I then scattered small pieces of Woodland Scenics medium turf in a couple of different shades of green to represent weeds. Vet added some of Tim’s scratch-made grass tufts and sagebrush.

The glue was still drying when we left for the evening (you can see white spots at the base of some of the weeds), but here are some updated pics.




Yes, we realize the livestock has all fallen over…














Vet also worked on leveling out the next area of the yard, where a farm implement dealer will be located. He added some Homasote to the area to bring it up to the same level as the yard, then used some sculpt-a-mold to fill in the seams and smooth a couple of transitions.

Vet using some Sculpt-a-Mold to fill in the seams. Note the paint can and wire spool used to hold the Homasote in place while the glue dries. I like to call this “gravity clamps”.
All filled in. Next week it will be painted, and possibly some basic ground cover applied.
















Tim had made some more of his great home-made trees, this time some fall-colored Aspens. He added them to the work he did last week.

Tim’s forest is growing!






I missed getting photos of Alan’s work this week, I’ll have to remember to catch that next week.

One thought on “ERRHSI Layout Update – April 5 2018 progress”

  1. The pics look great! The stockyard really draws in the viewer’s attention. Hopefully, we will get the rest of the yard looking as great as the stockyard!

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