Countdown to Solo: A Star Wars Story – TODAY! – Vintage MPC Millennium Falcon Model

Han Solo wouldn’t be Han Solo without the Millennium Falcon, and no Han Solo movie would be complete without it. What better way to finish the countdown than with Han’s trusty ship?

Vintage MPC Millennium Falcon Model Kit Packaging

This is the old MPC model kit. Yes, there are a LOT of inaccuracies in it, but it still makes a decent looking kit.



I’ve had two of these. The first one was destroyed when a cat knocked it off the top of my computer desk and it hit the floor and shattered. This one was part of my wife’s collection when we got married. Someone had started assembling it, but painted the bottom of the saucer in pastel colors. I decided to rescue it and finish it up.

This was my very first attempt to build something and paint and weather it to any level of detail. I’m pretty happy with it for the most part, although there are things I would do differently now. Overall however, I think it makes a nice display piece.





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