Countdown to Solo: A Star Wars Story – EXTRA! Han Solo Card Game

Now you can play the legendary card game that Han and Lando played… and maybe even win the Millennium Falcon!

We all know from The Empire Strikes Back that Han Solo won the
Millennium Falcon
from Lando Calrissian – and it’s a good bet based on the trailers that we’ll actually see this happen in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Now, you can play the famous card game at home.

I found this on Amazon back on May 8th, and UPS  delivered it
in a couple of days. This is an officially licensed version of the game,
although oddly enough NO WHERE does it refer to the game as Sabacc.

The game is fun to play and quick to learn, with easy rules. Each card has a value from 0 – 10, along with a color. Red colors are negative, green cards are positive. The object of each round is to obtain a score as close to zero as possible. But be careful, a roll of the dice could cause all players to discard their hands and start over!

The winner of each hand gets first pick of a “token” or “credit” from the “pot”, which has a value in credits printed on it. The rest of the tokens in the pot are then distributed to the other players. Gameplay continues until all of the tokens have been distributed to
players. The overall winner is the player who has the highest total value of tokens.

If you collect four blue or red tokens, and another player has the
Millennium Falcon
token in their hand, you can steal it from them!

We played for about an hour a few nights ago, and had a fun time with it. It’s easy enough that kids can play, although if they haven’t learned about negative numbers you may have to help them out (it’s possible to have a hand with a value less than zero). But hey, the game might even teach your kids about basic negative number

It looks like it’s out-of-stock on Amazon right now, but a quick google search turned it up at SHOPDISNEY.COM, HASBRO.COM, or even Best Buy (it said my local store has it for pickup). You might even find it at Walmart or Toys R Us (maybe even at a store-closing discount).

The game is made for 2-4 players, but if you bought 2 sets, you could easily combine the decks, remove the extra Falcon token, and play with up to 8 people.


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