Countdown to Solo: A Star Wars Story – 9 Days – Han’s Lucky Dice

In 1977’s Star Wars, you can see Han’s dice hanging in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon in (I think) just one shot. When Chewie first enters the cockpit to prepare to leave Tatooine, he bumps his head on these and they swing around. Behind-the-scenes, these were added by the crew as an homage to George Lucas’ American Grafitti.


Now, 4 decades later, they’re back. First on the cover of Vanity Fair for The Force Awakens:

And they showed up again in The Last Jedi:

And, now it looks like they’ll be showing up in Solo: A Star Wars Story:

This pair of dice was a gift from my wife this past Valentine’s Day. Yeah, I know, she’s awesome. And remember, “No one’s ever really gone”…

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