Countdown to Solo: A Star Wars Story – 5 Days – Custom 1/6 Scale ROTJ Han Solo

There have only been 2 1/6 scale versions of Han Solo from Return of the Jedi produced. One was from Hasbro, and it’s TERRIBLE. The other was from Medicom, and is a decent figure, but VERY hard to find – and the Medicom figures aren’t exactly in scale with the other 1/6 scale figure lines.

Soooo… In order to have Han, Luke, and Leia in 1/6 scale from each movie, I had to cobble this guy together. It’s a repainted Sideshow ANH head and body (with a repainted head), with a Sideshow Bespin Han shirt, pants, and boots. The vest is from my old Hasbro 12″ ANH Han, and I added a Sideshow holster rig.

It’s not bad, but I’d like a better head sculpt… eventually.  I’m actually hoping that Hot Toys gets around to producing a better version. But for now, it works.


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