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EVIKE/Armorer Works custom airsoft DL-44 (Han Solo’s Blaster)

For years, I’ve wanted a nice, all-metal replica of Han Solo’s DL-44 blaster. My Empire Strikes Back version is all metal except the scope and piston greeblies (the pistons were plastic on-screen as well), but my A New Hope version is resin and styrene. After seeing Solo: A Star Wars Story three times last week, I really decided now was the time. So I jumped out into the replica prop online world to see what was currently available.

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Countdown to Solo: A Star Wars Story – TODAY! – Vintage MPC Millennium Falcon Model

Han Solo wouldn’t be Han Solo without the Millennium Falcon, and no Han Solo movie would be complete without it. What better way to finish the countdown than with Han’s trusty ship?

Vintage MPC Millennium Falcon Model Kit Packaging

This is the old MPC model kit. Yes, there are a LOT of inaccuracies in it, but it still makes a decent looking kit.



I’ve had two of these. The first one was destroyed when a cat knocked it off the top of my computer desk and it hit the floor and shattered. This one was part of my wife’s collection when we got married. Someone had started assembling it, but painted the bottom of the saucer in pastel colors. I decided to rescue it and finish it up.

This was my very first attempt to build something and paint and weather it to any level of detail. I’m pretty happy with it for the most part, although there are things I would do differently now. Overall however, I think it makes a nice display piece.





Countdown to Solo: A Star Wars Story – 1 Day – Hot Toys Han Solo (The Force Awakens)


THIS is my favorite Han Solo piece in my collection. Hot Toys NAILED the likeness of Harrison Ford in this sculpt. This was my first Hot Toys purchase, and I was nervous spending that much on a figure. I pre-ordered this in July or August of 2016, and it was suppose to ship in October. It didn’t ship until April, 2017. In fact, I was at Sideshow Collectibles booth at Star Wars Celebration, looking at their display figure, when I got the email that mine had shipped!

Honestly, when it comes to action figures, I don’t know how you top this.













If you’d like to see more about this figure, check out my video review:

Well, there you have it, a month’s worth of Han Solo-related collectibles from my personal collection. Some simple, some not so much. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing them.

Now, get out there, get your tickets (if you don’t already have them), go see Solo: A Star Wars Story, and of course, may the Force be with you! I’ll be posting a review after I let the movie percolate for a day or so.


Countdown to Solo: A Star Wars Story – 3 Days – 1/6 Scale Han Solo (Bespin)

Like I said yesterday, this is my favorite Han Solo costume. If I had this jacket, it would be very tempting to wear it every day.

This figure started as the Sideshow version. My modifications really amount to putting it on a better body and replacing the head sculpt with the exclusive head sculpt from the Sideshow Hoth Han Solo figure, which I picked up on ebay.

Oddly, this figure has a bit of a green tint to the flesh tone on the headsculpt that only shows up in photos. Oh and btw, isn’t that Hot Toys Hoth Leia GORGEOUS!!!??

Countdown to Solo: A Star Wars Story – 5 Days – Custom 1/6 Scale ROTJ Han Solo

There have only been 2 1/6 scale versions of Han Solo from Return of the Jedi produced. One was from Hasbro, and it’s TERRIBLE. The other was from Medicom, and is a decent figure, but VERY hard to find – and the Medicom figures aren’t exactly in scale with the other 1/6 scale figure lines.

Soooo… In order to have Han, Luke, and Leia in 1/6 scale from each movie, I had to cobble this guy together. It’s a repainted Sideshow ANH head and body (with a repainted head), with a Sideshow Bespin Han shirt, pants, and boots. The vest is from my old Hasbro 12″ ANH Han, and I added a Sideshow holster rig.

It’s not bad, but I’d like a better head sculpt… eventually.  I’m actually hoping that Hot Toys gets around to producing a better version. But for now, it works.