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R2 Update: Electronics, Wheels, and a 3rd Foot

In the middle of this last week, I received the fuse box for the electronics board. This allows me to put each motor on a separate fuse. That way, if a motor shorts or overloads, it will blow the fuse and not destroy the expensive speed controllers. I got the fuse box mounted onto the electronics panel and wired it up.

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R2 Update: Control System Proof-of-Concept

This last weekend, I decided to do a proof-of-concept with R2’s control electronics. I wanted to be sure the radio transmitter, receiver, and motor controllers not only functioned, but functioned the way I think they should.

I had an old Kenner radio controlled R2 given to me a few years ago, but it didn’t work. At one point, I took it apart to fix it (I did go to school for electronics after all) but the electronics were in pretty bad shape. Bad capacitors, cold solder joints, etc. I decided this would make a perfect “proof-of-concept” test, since the basic layout is the same: 1 motor in each foot, and 1 in the dome.

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Major R2 update!

I was looking back through my entries here and realized I haven’t done an update on R2 in a LONG time! I’ve made a lot of progress since the last update.

Last fall, I received the CNC-scored skin set. This set consists of 4 skins (2 layers for the front and 2 for the back) that have all of the panels pre-scored in them. It wasn’t too tough to cut them out (some of them just snapped out with a little bending) and get them glued in place.

I used the scrap that punches out of the utility arm area to scratch-build some utility arms. I also scratch-built the large data port (the long blue slot on top). I think they turned out pretty good for scrap:

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R2 Progress – Leg Struts

Not a ton of progress the last couple of days… really decided to take a day off of working on R2 after my adventures with the paint on the dome. I did decide to try to put together something that at least somewhat resembles the leg struts, since budget doesn’t really permit for resin cast right now. These will eventually be replaced with more accurate pieces, but these will work for now. I machined up the detail pieces out of PVC, and added them to some polycarbonate tubing I had left over from a previous project.

Here are the unpainted detail pieces on the tubing:

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R2 Progress: Skirt and shoulder mount system

First, as promised here is a photo of my PVC spacer system for mounting the shoulders. These spacers are cut just about 1/32″ shorter than the black PVC shoulder hub, and they offer support for tightening the bolts down while allowing the PVC hub to snug up square against the shoulder mounting plates on the body.

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R2 Progress – Legs, Shoulders, Frame, Booster Covers

I’ve made a lot of progress since my last post. First, a quick recap of the dome. It’s aluminum, I don’t know the maker. I picked it up for $40.00 and got the resin-cast vents, power couplings, and octagon ports as part of the deal. This is what the dome looked like when I got it:

And this is the current state of the dome:

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