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EVIKE/Armorer Works custom airsoft DL-44 (Han Solo’s Blaster)

For years, I’ve wanted a nice, all-metal replica of Han Solo’s DL-44 blaster. My Empire Strikes Back version is all metal except the scope and piston greeblies (the pistons were plastic on-screen as well), but my A New Hope version is resin and styrene. After seeing Solo: A Star Wars Story three times last week, I really decided now was the time. So I jumped out into the replica prop online world to see what was currently available.

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Countdown to Solo: A Star Wars Story – 9 Days – Han’s Lucky Dice

In 1977’s Star Wars, you can see Han’s dice hanging in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon in (I think) just one shot. When Chewie first enters the cockpit to prepare to leave Tatooine, he bumps his head on these and they swing around. Behind-the-scenes, these were added by the crew as an homage to George Lucas’ American Grafitti.


Now, 4 decades later, they’re back. First on the cover of Vanity Fair for The Force Awakens:

And they showed up again in The Last Jedi:

And, now it looks like they’ll be showing up in Solo: A Star Wars Story:

This pair of dice was a gift from my wife this past Valentine’s Day. Yeah, I know, she’s awesome. And remember, “No one’s ever really gone”…

Countdown to Solo: A Star Wars Story – 11 Days – Han Solo’s DL-44 Blaster replica (ESB Version)

This is the first replica Han Blaster I built.

It’s built on a Denix metal replica Mauser Broomhandle pistol, with a metal scope mount bracket, resin-cast accurate scope, and a metal flash supressor that I machined on the lathe. I’d like to upgrade to a bit more accurate flash suppressor, at some point.

The opposite side of the blaster has accurate detail pieces from the Revell visable V-8 engine model kit.

This blaster has a nice heft to it. It’s one of my favorite pieces.

Countdown to Solo: A Star Wars Story – 22 Days – Han Solo belt tools and Droid Caller replicas (ANH Version)

OK, disclaimer, these are actually from my wife’s collection. I “borrowed” them to take photos to post up.

These are replicas of the props used to fill the various pouches on Han’s holster rig in Star Wars (aka A New Hope),  as well as his droid caller. The belt tools changed in each movie.

The original droid caller prop was made from a vintage Camera flash. They’re pretty tough to come up with, so I machined this one from aluminum, with some resin-cast detail parts.

The Belt Tools are from


Countdown to Solo: A Star Wars Story – 23 Days – Han Solo’s DL-44 Blaster Pistol Replica (ANH Version)

Oh, how I love replica Star Wars props. For years, this was my holy grail. I finally cobbled one together a few years ago.

While this blaster isn’t 100% accurate, it’s good enough for me. It’s constructed from a resin-cast of a Mauser broomhandle pistol (the same pistol as the base of the real prop), with a resin copy of a screen accurate scope and cooling fins. The scope rings are real (picked up from a local sporting goods/gun shop), and I scratch-built the scope mount. The flash-supressor is a resin copy of the flash supressor from the Rubies toy blaster, which is surprisingly accurate in scale for a $12.00 toy.

One of these days, I’ll have to get a holster rig for this thing…