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Star Wars Oxygen: The Music of John Williams

I’m not much of a podcast guy, but last year at Salt Lake Comic Con, David W. Collins did a panel on the music of Star Wars.  It was incredible, and one of the best panels I’ve ever attended at a convention.  He did a deep analysis on parts of the A New Hope soundtrack, played some non-Star Wars pieces that were used as temp tracks while they edited the original film, and more.

David W. Collins

During the panel, he mentioned that he co-hosted a podcast called Star Wars Oxygen: The Music of John Williams”.  As soon as I had a chance, I looked it up and started listening.  He and co-host Jimmy Mac spend several episodes on each of the iconic film scores, and it’s amazing.

They started the show in November of 2013, before The Force Awakens hit theaters.  The last episode that they seem to have recorded was done in December, 2016 – part one of an analysis of the music of Rogue One.  I haven’t been able to determine why they stopped, but the 38 episodes that are there are a fantastic look at the Star Wars scores.

I quit listening for a while (just got busy) but now I’m finishing up.  I’m currently on episode 25.  It’s incredible stuff.  Personally, I could do without some of Jimmy Mac’s rambling commentary, but David Collins has some great insight into the music.  I’ve learned a TON.

If you’re a fan of John Williams, and specifically his Star Wars scores, I highly recommend you check out “Star Wars Oxygen”.

David also has a new show, “The Soundtrack Show” where he discusses soundtracks from many different films.  He has several episodes on Star Wars on that show as well, including a commentary track that you play in sync with the movie.  I haven’t listened to this show… yet.


Han Solo vs Ant-Man

There are those in the Star Wars fan community who claim that Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has “ruined” Star Wars, and some of those voices have been calling for her to be replaced by Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige.  They seem to think that (among other things) Feige can do no wrong, and Kennedy has pushed a feminist agenda that has killed “their” Star Wars.  They further believe that Kennedy (one of the most successful film producers in the history of Hollywood) is inept and that she needs to retire or be fired.  Additionally, many of them take credit for Solo: A Star Wars Story under-performing at the box office, claiming their boycott of the film killed it.

Well, let’s compare apples to apples then, shall we?  Solo: A Star Wars Story recently left theaters (in fact, it’s still playing in a 2nd run theater in my town), while Marvel’s latest film, Ant-man and the Wasp, is currently in theaters.  If you consider the idea that everything Feige touches turns to gold, then it should be a no-brainer that Ant-man and the Wasp would out-perform Solo: A Star Wars Story at the box office.  Here’s the plot twist: It’s not.

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The Last Jedi: Rey mirrors Kylo’s Fighting Style

Occasionally, something will come across my STAR WARS news feed that I find interesting, and I’ll post about it.  Yesterday, an article on io9 has highlighted a discovery regarding Rey and Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi. It seems that when Rey is practicing with the lightsaber on Ahch-to, she mirrors the lightsaber moves that Kylo will use later in his “battle” with Luke Skywalker.

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EVIKE/Armorer Works custom airsoft DL-44 (Han Solo’s Blaster)

For years, I’ve wanted a nice, all-metal replica of Han Solo’s DL-44 blaster. My Empire Strikes Back version is all metal except the scope and piston greeblies (the pistons were plastic on-screen as well), but my A New Hope version is resin and styrene. After seeing Solo: A Star Wars Story three times last week, I really decided now was the time. So I jumped out into the replica prop online world to see what was currently available.

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Countdown to Solo: A Star Wars Story – TODAY! – Vintage MPC Millennium Falcon Model

Han Solo wouldn’t be Han Solo without the Millennium Falcon, and no Han Solo movie would be complete without it. What better way to finish the countdown than with Han’s trusty ship?

Vintage MPC Millennium Falcon Model Kit Packaging

This is the old MPC model kit. Yes, there are a LOT of inaccuracies in it, but it still makes a decent looking kit.



I’ve had two of these. The first one was destroyed when a cat knocked it off the top of my computer desk and it hit the floor and shattered. This one was part of my wife’s collection when we got married. Someone had started assembling it, but painted the bottom of the saucer in pastel colors. I decided to rescue it and finish it up.

This was my very first attempt to build something and paint and weather it to any level of detail. I’m pretty happy with it for the most part, although there are things I would do differently now. Overall however, I think it makes a nice display piece.





Cisco Talos reveals New Threat Targeting Home Devices

Cisco has announced some initial findings on a new vulnerability that targets SOHO (Small Office, Home Office)  routers from Netgear, Linksys, etc – and they’re recommending that EVERY device is reset to defaults and upgraded!

Due to the potential for destructive action by the threat actor, we recommend out of an abundance of caution that these actions be taken for all SOHO or NAS devices, whether or not they are known to be affected by this threat.

The vulnerability could give remote actors (bad guys) access to steal web traffic (including userids, passwords, credit card info, etc) as well as remotely “self-destruct” the devices.

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